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Valentines Wine Pairing.

There's a lot to be said for the perfect pairing. Get it right and there ought to be electricity not just sparks. We invite you to our Valentines paired wine feast.

Now don't worry, we won't be serving those electric daisies again, they were akin to licking a nine volt battery anyway, so instead what we will be doing is building four dishes directly around the bold flavours of four wines from the most sustainable of New Zealand Wineries, Yealands. 

The food and wines in harmony, the sum of the parts adding up to more than the humble ingredients. Bring your partner, bring friends or whomever you like, the pressure of choice is lifted, the knowledge that the match on the table is at least there.

Do bring as much electricity as you can muster, rest well knowing that there will be candle light just in case. 


Sparkling on arrival.

 Oyster, dashi-caviar, gooseberry vinegar granita.
Yealands Sauvignon Blanc

Duck breast, salt baked beetroot, labneh,
pickled cherry, lovage & beetroot crisp.
Yealands Pinot Noir

 Lamb cannon, celeriac tagliatelle, aromatic soil,
un-ripe fig, lavender & apricot gel.

Yealands Pinot Noir Reserve

Caramelised Pear, Perl Las,
brown butter & salted chamomile sherbet.

Noble Sauvignon Blanc

Anise, onion seed, mallow.

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to Dec 30

Vin2o #DrinkBetterWine Turning wine into water charity special offer.

During December we are supporting the Vin2o #DrinkBetterWine campaign, turning great wine into clean water for people that desperately need it. 

Dine with us from Tuesday to Friday lunch or Full Feast Evening Dinner. Available until Friday 30th Dec.

Lunch: Buy two courses and have a complimentary 125ml glass of Vin2o 2014 Bordeaux or 2014 Bordeaux Blanc.

Dinner: Buy two Full Feast Five Course dinners and receive a complimentary bottle of Vin2o 2014 Bordeaux or 2014 Bordeaux Blanc.

Dinner: Buy two Full Feast Three Course dinners and receive two complimentary 175mm glasses of Vin2o 2014 Bordeaux or 2014 Bordeaux Blanc.

Please visit our Facebook Pages for terms & how to.

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to Nov 30

Yealands Estate Wine Dinner 30th November 7pm

Yealands Estate Wine Feast. New Zealand's most proactive sustainable Winery. 

On the last day of November we shall be hosting a Five course Feast evening paired with wines from New Zealand's 'Yealands Estate' and Enotria and Coe Wine cellars. This inspiring winery was certified carbon negative from its inception, meaning that their wines reach our tables here, despite a long sea voyage, still carbon negative! Their approach to wine making and sustainability is world leading. We've long featured their wines on our list for good reason, beautifully balanced and in tune with nature.

Most excitingly though, Helen MacFarlane will be hosting the event and talking about some of the ways this winery has achieved such phenomenal flavour in its wines while pioneering the development of the sustainable viticulture movement.

Full details here.

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to Jan 14

13 & 14th January 2017 Wassail Tasty Tales With Martin Maudsley.

Last year's wassail was the best to date. We can't get over how much raucous frivolity ensued with Martin's story telling tickling certain guests right on the button. That spread like wildfire across the room.

We shall be hosting a Four Course Apple'y inspired Feast with stories and music between each course. Then it's out to the orchard to ward off the evil spirits and to encourage a bountiful crop for the coming year. Banging of saucepans, Wassail Kings & Queens, falling out of trees etc.

Legend has it that there's fire involved, you'll just have to come along to see if it's true.

Two nights available, sold out for six years in a row.

Friday the 13th & Saturday 14th January 2017. 

Tickets purchased before November 30th Early Bird Discount £50 per head. £60 thereafter. Advance tickets only on 01934 863713. 

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